About Fenton’s Berry Farm

Hi!  We are Clyde & Veronica Fenton.  Allow us to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

I (Veronica) am an Arkansas native.  My parents moved to Hollister, Missouri, when I was 10, and have lived there ever since.  I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas (Conway) with a degree in physical therapy 30+ years ago. (How is that possible when I’m only 29??) I currently work in the Jasper school system as a PT, when I’m not working at Fenton’s Farm Market.

Clyde and I met online in 1996, back when it wasn’t “normal” to do so.  (My sister’s first words upon meeting him:  “Well, you don’t LOOK like an ax murderer…!”)  I was working in Fayetteville,  Arkansas, as a PT, and Clyde was working on his uncle’s berry farm in upstate New York (the original Fenton’s Berry  Farm!)  My son Spenser (then 4)  and I moved to NY in 1997.  Clyde and I married, he adopted  Spenser, we had 2 more boys, then in 2002 we all pulled up stakes in New York and moved back to Arkansas.  Initially we lived in a rental in Bellefonte, then bought what would become our own Fenton’s Berry Farm near Harrison in December 2002.

Since then, we have developed our property into the beautiful fruit and vegetable farm it is today. Initially, our plan was to be “just” a berry farm. We planted our first field of strawberries, and began to establish our blueberry and blackberry fields. However, in April 2006, we had The Big Freeze, which whacked all of our berry crops for that year.  We put in our first vegetables to try to make up for the short-fall, and we’ve grown veggies along with our fruits ever since.

In the spring of 2015, we purchased the former Golden Comb Beauty Shop on Highway 7 South, just a couple miles from our farm.   We gave it a face-lift, as well as a lot of (ongoing) behind-the-scenes TLC, and in May 2015 opened Fenton’s Farm Market.  The Market has provided another avenue through which to offer our own and others’ locally grown produce, as well as more distantly sourced items for choice and variety.

This year (2017) we have made further renovations to the Market to have a health department certified kitchen. We happily received that certification in July. Now we offer our own jams, jellies, and baked goods created right in the Market kitchen, including Clyde’s Signature Sourdough and Braided Breads, his chewy-good Bagels and Bagel-Spirals, and Veronica’s many muffin varieties. The certification also allows us to offer such things as watermelon samples in the peak of the season, and we have numerous other tasty ideas for the future.

We look forward to serving you as we continue to grow to become your FIRST CHOICE for providing you and your family with the finest fresh produce and other plant-based foods available!  Thank you for giving us that opportunity!

Clyde and Veronica Fenton, ​and The Boys

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Our Boys: Spenser (the groom), Alex (far right),and Micah (2nd from left)