The logos for Fenton's Berry Farm and Fenton's Farm Market, both featuring a stylized strawberry.

Looking for a Pumpkin Patch in the Ozarks

near Harrison, Arkansas?

We’ve got one!

WELCOME to the premier fruit and vegetable farm

 for Harrison, Arkansas, as well as Boone and surrounding counties,

location of Fenton’s Fall Festival with

The Great Pumpkin Patch


Corn Maze!

Our customers appreciate freshly harvested, locally grown produce,

whether you come to the Berry Farm to pick your own berries in season,

get your fruit and veggies from us at Fenton’s Farm Market,

or pick your own pumpkin from our pumpkin patch!

(This site under construction! Come back often to see new updates!)




A 16-foot-long mural of a pumpkin patch with face holes provides a photo op for festival attendees.

Families and even individuals enjoy taking advantage of our Pumpkin Patch photo op, in addition to the school groups for which it was designed. The kids race to see who can find the most items on our Mural Scavenger Hunt.  Can you find 1 fuzzy caterpillar…2 sneaky cats…3 ‘napping turtles…?? 

Taken from a higher vantage point, the viewer can see a row of cars in front of the corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Heads bob along through the Corn Maze, which, though not as big as some, still elicits comments like, “It’s harder than it looks!” and “FREEDOM!” upon finally finding the exit. Even wheelchair users (with some extra muscle behind) can enjoy our corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Customers line up to weigh and pay for their pumpkin patch finds.

Folks gather around the booth the weigh and pay for their prize pumpkins, and take advantage of bottled water and baked goods also available for purchase.

A view of the trail inside the corn maze, located near the Fenton's pumpkin patch.

A peek into the “Corn” Maze. Unlike a corn maze made of Corn, because ours is actually a type of grass, it is less scratchy than corn. It also stays lush and green longer!


Weekends in October!

Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sunday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission: $3 per person age 3 and up

Jack 0’Lantern Pumpkins: 35 cents a pound

Pie Pumpkins: $1 each

Fenton’s Berry Farm is located less than 2 miles off Highway 7 South, and only 5 miles south of Harrison, Arkansas. Watch for the white sandwich board Fall Festival sign at the turn onto Gip n Annie Road!

We’re glad you’ve found us online, and hope you’ll spend some time getting acquainted with what we have to offer.

We look forward to meeting you in person in the near future!


Clyde & Veronica Fenton